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ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE SELF-ASSESSMENT Please complete this self-assessment as honestly as you can. The information you provide will help to identify

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Teaching the Essentials - Jim Burke

Teaching the Essentials Presenter: Jim Burke www.englishcompanion.com TABLE OF CONTENTS Teaching the Academic Essentials 3. Well Words/Quotations Page

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Politics and the English Language - npr.org

Politics and the English Language By George Orwell Most people who bother with the matter at all would admit that the English language is in a bad way, but it is...

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1904 THE SEA WOLF Jack London - PinkMonkey.com

6 ‘One of them daredevil launches,’ he said. ‘I almost wish we’d sunk him, the little rip! They’re the cause of more trouble. And what good are they?

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Scorpions - Teaching Unit

3 Scorpions QUESTIONS FOR ESSAY AND DISCUSSION 1. Do you think that Jamal needs to be on medication or transferred to a school for “problem kids”?

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FlyLady’s Holiday Control Journal.

How to Enjoy Your Holiday Cruise While your home cleans itself! We all know how to clean! Let’s face it; we had the best teachers in the world:

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